Help For Panic AttacksWelcome to the Help for Panic Attacks web site!I created this site for people like me who have suffered from Panic/Anxiety Attacks. Fortunately I am cured now and haven’t had an attack for quite sometime. I cured my Panic Disorder naturally!Before we get help for Panic Attacks, we need to understand what Panic Attacks are. Once we have an understanding, we can look at different treatment options.So what are Panic Attacks?Panic Attacks are a sudden period of intense anxiety causing fear and discomfort and can cause temporary paralyses. Panic Attacks typically happen abruptly and may have no obvious triggers. These episodes may appear random. They are caused by our survival mechanism commonly referred to as fight or flight which occur out of context.This fight or flight response floods the body with hormones and the predominate being adrenaline. This surge of adrenaline aids the body in defending itself from harm.My personal experience with Panic Attacks have been to me, one of the most intensely frightening, upsetting feelings I have ever experienced caused by momentary periods of irrational thoughts.Panic Attacks commonly last for about 30-minutes. Some Panic Attacks can be as short as 10 to 15-seconds. In extreme cases they can cascade and last for an extended period lasting sometimes hours. Mine lasted on average of about 10-minutes, but in my mind they seemed to last an eternity!Panic Attacks are commonly associated to the fear of not being able to escape a bad situation. My experience was, I felt trapped and unable to free myself.The effects of Panic Attacks can vary dramatically from person to person. People who experience a Panic Attack for the first time can feel like they are having a heart attack, I felt like I was having a nervous breakdown.Many people claim they feel like they are going crazy, having a heart attack, feel like fainting, experience heavy breathing and flat out losing control of themselves. This is what triggers the fight or flight response and causes you to flee the place where the Panic Attack began.Usually at the onset of a Panic Attack, people experience shortness of breath and chest pains. These are the predominate symptoms which lead people to believe they are having a heart attack and causes them to seek emergency services.Panic Attacks are identified from other forms of anxiety by the intensity and their sudden onset.Causes of Panic Attacks:

    Panic Attacks can be triggered by phobias to a certain object or situation (s) real or imagined.

    Biological reasons such as: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Hypoglycemia, Hyperthyroidism.

    Panic disorders have been found and linked, in a lot of cases to Heredity.

    Environmental factors and cumulative stress over time.

    Short term causes such as: Significant personal loss, loss of a spouse or romantic partner, significant life change.

    Medications such as Ritalin, antibiotics. Nearly all SSRI class of antidepressants can cause an increase of anxiety in the beginning of their use.

    Medication, Alcohol and drug withdrawal from prescribed or un prescribed.

    Chronic or serious illnesses.

These are just some of the causes of Panic Attacks.Panic disorder is defined as a person who has had repeated and persistent Panic Attacks. They feel severe anxiety about having another attack.