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Anti-Anxiety Medications

X-Cell-R8 contains three ingredients: the two minerals — potassium and magnesium — and an amino acid called aspartic acid. All three ingredients are necessary for good health. The unique feature of X-Cell-R8 is that I chemically combined the two minerals with the aspartic acid and created a strong and powerful bond between them. This chemical bonding process is called chelation. It’s this specific, proprietary feature that makes X-Cell-R8 so effective in helping people increase their energy.

Directions: Take 2 capsules in the morning and again in the late afternoon to early evening: this is a total of 4 capsules daily or 1,000 mg of each substance. You will need to supplement for 3-7 days before you experience the sensational energy increase created by the product. However, some people experience increases during the first or second day.

Some subjects may find this dose is too much and will need to cut back to two total capsules per day. Athletic subjects may want to experiment with higher doses. We have tried as many as 30 capsules per day with no side effects, but high increases in energy. Other test subjects have reported similar effects.

Some subjects may need to go through a Loading Phase to saturate the body’s cells with the energy nutrients: take up to 4-6 capsules both AM and PM for 3-6 days until the effect is noticed.

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