Smoke Buddy – Personal Air Filter/ Purifier Brand New – Green

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Lux Aeroguard Air Purifier – Interview with Dr. Andreas Winkens (gui-lab) (English)



The Smoke Buddy is perfect to get rid of smoke and odor in any location. Finally, a way to keep your smoke to yourself! Blow smoke in and clean, odorless air comes out! This unit is durable and built to last, but also small and convenient to carry with you anywhere! The Smoke Buddy is the perfect tool for reducing second hand smoke and other harmful carcinogens from your smoke whether in your house or on the go. Smells, smoke and odor go in and then clean, fresh air comes out. This item is brand new, in the package complete with travel caps to seal off your smoke buddy when not in use plus an added bonus free keychain light is included. Enjoy your smoke discreetly and confidently with the smoke buddy!

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