Relaxation and Stress Reduction CD : Social Anxiety Disorder; Anxiety Attacks: Panic Attacks: Binaural Beats: Deep Sleep: Adults and Children: Clinically Proven: Guaranteed or Money Back

Panic Attacks
What Panic Attacks Feel Like



What Panic Attacks Feel Like

Many men want to last longer in bed, and many women are on the same page. It’s important for couples to get the facts straight, to have realistic expectations and to take steps together to facilitate longer lovemaking sessions if such is desired.

For Anxiety in any form, you need to experience this powerful and unique product
Its unrivaled effectiveness uses Binaural Beats and unique world first, superior technology.
What does this mean? Our products incorporate stimulation for high levels of cross-hemispheric communication,
special asymmetrical sound technologies,
Schumann’s Resonances,
Heart/Brain Coherence Frequencies,
Highly complex neurologically engaging SoundScapes,
“Energy Chimes” with healing frequencies,
Rife Frequencies,
Solfeggio “sacred” Frequencies and more!

You will quickly relax, sleep deeply and well.
With anxiety issues you will feel much less troubled and the more you listen, the better you feel.
Scientifically proven to change your brainwaves

EEG proves beneficial changes after
20 minutes.

No concentration, active listening or other skills required.
It “massages” your brain, quickly and effectively!
Be in Control. Feel Calm!

Reduce Stress and Anxiety this is
far more effective than Classical Music

Better than Guided Meditation, with no voices to annoy.

It has
no Subliminal Messages.

A Short 10 minute Session, for use when time is limited.
A Longer 30 minute Session for greater benefit.
Repeat or combine sessions, for even greater impact.
Reverse headphones to create additional sessions, for improved health and ” brain balancing” benefits.

Suitable for the whole family.

Comes with
Free Stress Test,
Sleeping Survey and Log, and
Listening Record

You have nothing to lose! 3 Month, Money Back Guarantee.

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