Relax-V 20 Tablets

Stop Panic Attacks
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Helps Restore Inner Calm During Stressful Situations, Momentary Worries and Flying Fears.Sudden Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Momentary Stress are Thieves. They can rob your body of essential nutrients that are vital to a host of bodily functions. Anxiety, Panic and Stress can steal your energy, amplify mood swings, compromise decision making, impair memory, and leave you feeling run down and unable to perform your best.How does Relax-V Work?Relax-V is a natural alternative based on a traditional herbal remedy that calms the stomach and aids free breathing – two factors that contribute to well being and a sense of calm. Relax-V provides a simple, quick and healthy response to sudden anxiety, nervousness, irrational fear and momentary stress. Simply place 1 tablet under tongue as needed and let it dissolve completely. Studies show that 70% of the tablet is released in about 3 minutes.All Natural Powerful Ingredients in Relax-V.The active ingredients in Relax-V are the organic compounds Isovaleric Acid and Menthol. Isovaleric Acid is a natural fatty acid found in the Valerian root and Menthol is an organic compound obtained from mint oils. Non-GMO. Gluten Free.

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