Patchouli Essential Oil of 100% Proven Purity for Professional Aromatherapists (for Home Use, see Warnings) Derived Wholly from the Patchouli Herb. Half Ounce (15 ml)

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Herbs for Anxiety — 2 Herbs that you Shouldn’t use, & 2 Great Choices!



Extra special because it’s deliberately aged, our Patchouli essential oil is one of the few which we do NOT ship immediately while it’s fresh. That may seem strange but using older or even vintage patchouli is one of the secrets of a professional aromatherapist!

It makes you feel good. Really good! Patchouli’s antidepressant and sedative qualities drive away negative feelings or thoughts, leaving you in the mood (!) for fun, for adventures or just blissful relaxation. It does this by stimulating the release of pleasure hormones like serotonin and dopamine. In other words, the sex and peace loving hippies of the 60’s chose patchouli because it was the perfect side-kick to smoking…that illegal weed. That the rich, heady aroma hides the smell of pot was a happy bonus, not the reason they used it!

A good night’s sleep? Our Best Grade Patchouli Essential Oil is great for relaxing the mind and body into a regenerating, restful night of sleep. A full, deep sleep improves your cognitive function, metabolic rate and 127 different markers of physical and mental health! Not to mention it’s refreshing. Talking of regeneration…

Regenerative skin care is one of patchouli’s greatest secrets… Not everyone knows patchouli is an anti-aging elixir but its astringent, cicatrisant, and cytophylactic properties are beyond dispute. What do those big words mean? They mean this “wild child” of essential oils reduces or prevents sagging skin, hair loss and skin blemishes such as wound or acne scars, it promotes the strength of motor nerve signals, increases metabolic rate, enhances cellular oxygenation, reduces healing times and just generally makes you look – and feel – years younger!

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