Panic Attacks Workbook: A Guided Program for Beating the Panic Trick

Panic Attack Programs
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With methods and exercises based on the author’s extensive clinical experience, Panic Attacks Workbook helps people understand the true nature of their panic attacks. It demonstrates the vicious cycle of habitual responses that lead to debilitating attacks, teaches how to halt this self-destructive process, and guides people along a proven path that promotes recovery.

David Carbonell outlines such cognitive behavioral methods as diaphragmatic breathing, progressive exposure, desensitization, relaxation, keeping a panic diary, and much more. He shows how to cultivate a personal attitude that facilitates solutions rather than placing blame.

He clearly explains how the very nature of panic leads people into a chronic cycle of anticipation, panic, and helplessness, and details how to overcome this pattern with innovative responses and an attitude of acceptance. Charts, worksheets, and program outlines help point the way through the workbook and on to recovery.


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