Panic Attacks (Are very scary!) (Quick-And-Permanent-Fix Series Book 20)

panic attack book
Panic Attacks (Are very scary!) (Quick-And-Permanent-Fix Series Book 20)



If The Pressure is On (Then, take it off … easy!)

Let’s be fare here now; there are times that a little pressure can be good for you, and there are many that prefer to work under such pressure; however, there are many that cannot, and in fact, the pressures can be so-much that … it can be too much, and sometimes down-right debilitating! If this is the situation; then it is very likely to distort, or … ‘blow-out-of-proportion’ … all that you are trying to achieve. More importantly, it is very likely to ‘blow out of proportion’ all the emotions that are ‘wrapped-around’ whatever you are trying to accomplish. So, under such pressures it is very likely that you are going to; at least … ‘mess-up’ … or more to the point, ‘fail at completely’, what you are trying so desperately to realize.

So, what can you do (here comes the Calvary … ha!).

Firstly, let’s take a look inside ‘you’ as to ‘exactly’ what is going on. Remember, the first rule of this handbook! At any one moment in time, a human being is driven by the ‘intensity’ of the emotion that they are experiencing at the time … NO MORE – NO LESS! In which case, during ‘your’ time of trying desperately to achieve what you are; under all those pressures; you are in fact at those ‘exact’ moments in time, ‘driven’ by the ‘intensities’ of the emotions that you are experiencing … no more – no less (You know that now!).

Now, if you know ‘exactly’ the pressures you are under (work / deadlines and such) / (sports / performance and such) / (school / college / university / education / learning difficulties deadlines, personal problems and such) / (Personal problems / home / relationships and such) / (these bracketed lists … ‘and such’ … can go on, there are so many). And, if you can identify the underlying driving emotions, and here’s a few to think about: … (Anger / Tension / Irritability / Aggravation / Agitation / Annoyance / Grouchy / Crosspatch / Exasperation / Frustration / Rage / Outrage / Fury / Wrath / Hostility / Ferocity / Bitterness / Hatred / Spite / Vengefulness / Disgust / Revulsion / Contempt / Loathing / Envy / Jealousy / Torment / Sadness / Helplessness / Powerlessness / Suffering / Distress / Fright / Awfulness / Terror / Panic / Hysteria / Mortification / Nervousness / Anxiety / Suspense / Uneasiness / Apprehension / Worry / Distress / Dread / Loss of friends / Loss of relationships / Loss of employment / Loss of work colleagues / Loss of hobby and sports friends / Loss of dignity / Loss of self-respect / Loss of loved ones / Loss of family / Loss of … yourself)

Again, if you can identify the underlying ‘driving’ emotion (that is blowing everything completely ‘out of proportion’); you will have identified an offending emotion that will have (for sure) an … ‘intensity’ … to it, definitely. To confirm this; if there was ‘no’ intensity to that or those underlying, driving emotions, then there would ‘NOT’ have been a problem in the first place!

What’s the next step … easy-peasy!

So, what can you do about these ‘out of proportion … emotion intensities’; that are triggered back-up into your life when the ‘pressure’ is on, and peeing-off your day? Easy… …

William’s handbook is a personal statement and a genuine offer of straight-talking, down-to-earth help, with those pesky-emotions that really pee-off your day … and everybody else’s. In any situation, people are driven by the … ‘intensity’ … of the emotions that they feel at the time…no-more, no-less, guaranteed. When a situation gets tough, can you stop the ‘intensity’ that you may feel at the time and within seconds to minutes? EFT Master Practitioner (Energist) Author A.W. Cribb can show you how to bring, very often, permanent relief to any emotion intensity that is debilitating to your life. Learn these very simple techniques in a very short time that will last you a lifetime. YOU WANT CHANGE – YOU’VE FOUND IT

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