Natural Vitality Natural Magnesium Calm — 16 oz

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Natural Vitality Natural Calm – Vitacost



NEW! Unleash the nutritional goodness of H2O with these powered-up hydration boosts jam-packed with healthy nutrients! Whether you need that feel-good burst in the morning, want to support heart health, defend the immune system or enhance your stamina before a workout, theres a formula thats perfect for you. HydraFizz Effervescent Drink Tabs are available in four different functions with the essential vitamins and nutrients your body craves. With the wellness-enhancing HydraFizz delivery system, there is no need to chew or swallow tablets. The drink tabs quickly self-mix in water for a refreshing, hydrating and delicious burst of nutrition!*. The nutrients are pre-dissolved before taking your first sip, providing you and your hectic lifestyle and invigorating wellness boost! A refreshing way to take your vitamins! Drop one tablet in a glass of water, let fizz and enjoy!   Contains potent immune-enhanceing vitamins, minerals and herbs that support the bodys immune system. 1000mg of Vitamin C – Amino Acids – Electrolytes – Antioxidants

Natural Vitality Natural Calm - Vitacost

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