Mood Boost Natural Stress and Anxiety Relief (60 Vegetarian Capsules with 5-HTP, Passion Flower, L-Tyrosine, Suntheanine, Ashwagandha and GABA)

Vitamins for Anxiety
Life with Anxiety: Daily Vitamins + Anxiety Update



MoodBoost is a natural dietary supplement taken daily to help reduce stress and anxiety. The 60 vegetarian capsules contain amino acids and herbs shown to help relieve stress and anxiety and promote positive mood.

5-HTP – 5-HTP, precursor to serotonin, is one of the most widely used mood enhancers. Several studies have shown 5-HTP effective for stress and anxiety relief.*

L-Tyrosine – An amino acid found in many protein-rich foods. Studies show L-Tyrosine effective in reducing stress and anxiety especially during periods of prolonged work or sleep deprivation.*

Suntheanine┬« L-Theanine – L-Theanine is an amino acid commonly found in tea. Theanine has been shown to reduce mental and physical stress and to boost mood. Theanine is also taken to improve focus and concentration.*

Passion Flower – Passion flower is a plant native to many parts of the United States. The extract can reduce anxiety and nervousness and improve sleep.*

Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha extract is an adaptogen and is used to support mental health, anxiety levels and overall quality of life.*

Life with Anxiety: Daily Vitamins + Anxiety Update

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