Medulla Mood® Natural Stress & Anxiety Relief Supplement with 100 mg 5-HTP & 200mg GABA|Boost Your Mood|Promotes Positive Feelings |60 Vegetarian Capsules|Vitamin B6, Magnesium,Rhodiola Rosea , Passion Flower and more.

Anxiety Relief
Rancore – Yoga, Stress e Cafeína (@Hangar 110 23/12/2012)



Part of creating art is accepting change. I believe that once we find a time or place or materials that feel right to us, that we stick with that to do our creating. I’ve also think it’s good to switch things up. If you write in the morning, try writing in the afternoon. If you paint with watercolor, try sketching with chalk. Creativity changes us, and when we change, how we express ourselves changes too. If we refuse to adapt, we may miss opportunities along the way.

Medulla Mood® is a nutritional supplement designed to help reduce stress & anxiety naturally, while maintaining mental focus.
Medulla Mood® contains 9 fast acting powerful ingredients combined to help relieve anxiety,alleviate stress and reduce panic attacks naturally.
5-HTP-. As a precursor to serotonin, 5-HTP provides the brain with the “building blocks” needed to produce more serotonin naturally. 5-HTP helps provide a more positive outlook, promotes relaxation, calm and greater appetite control.
GABA- referred to as the “brain’s natural calming agent”, by inhibiting over-stimulation of the brain, GABA may help promote relaxation and ease nervous tension.
Rhodiola Rosea- an adaptogen has been shown to increase energy physical endurance and well-being.This herb has been taken for centuries to promote energy, adapt to stressful situations and enhance mood.


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