Kare n Herbs, Withania Somniferam, Tranquility Kare, 40 Tablets

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Herbs for Anxiety — 2 Herbs that you Shouldn’t use, & 2 Great Choices!



Tranquility Kare by Kare N Herbs 40 Tablet TRANQUILITY KARE is a natural herbal supplement formulated from the mild sedative herb Withania somnifera — used in India for thousands of years for its anti-stress properties. Tranquility KARE has both anti-stress and anti-anxiety effects. It helps you slow down and relax without worrying about drowsiness and the other side-effects of tranquilizers. Withania somnifera shields the mind and body from all different kinds of stress. The result is a reduction in mental fatigue increased memory capacity and improved mental powers. Reduces Stress Mental Fatigue Helps Induce Enhance Deep Sleep Reduces Anxiety Reduces Inflammation at Body Joints Recommended optimal intake 1-2 tablets by adults over 12 years old at night for insomnia or inflammation or 1 tablet during the day for anxiety or inflammation at joints. What Is Withania somnifera Tranquility Kare is a pure herbal extract derived from Withania somnifera a small shrub traditionally found in

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