Himalaya Brahmi (Bacopa)memory Herbal Supplement Support -60 Capsules Personal Healthcare / Health Care

Anxiety Herbs
Herbs for Anxiety — 2 Herbs that you Shouldn’t use, & 2 Great Choices!



Brahmi, the Goddess of Learning & Power, is the namesake for this remarkable herb for the mind. Brahmi, botanically known as Bacopa Monnieri, sharpens and clarifies the mind with its cooling and purifying properties. It helps to reduce inflammation throughout the mind and nervous system by first breaking down the toxins which cause inflammation and then healing and toning the affected tissue. This has a further calming effect upon the mind that helps one to focus and think clearly. It supports basic mental functions such as awareness, memory, and imagination. For this reason, this herb was sought out by Monks and Brahmin of old to facilitate meditation. For calm and clarity, Brahmi.

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