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Green Tea Extract Premium

What Is It?
Eastern medicine has been aware for centuries of the health benefits of green tea. It is rich in polyphenols and catechins that fight free radicals and has a myriad of health benefits.

Does It Really Work?
A large amount of clinical research back the claims up. Here’s some excerpts:

Green tea inhibits the breakdown of fat and can reduce body weight and waist circumference by 5 percent in 3 months.
More than a decade of research has shown green tea’s potential to fight heart disease, lower cholesterol as well as many other numerous conditions and burn fat.

How Does It Help Weight Loss?
Green tea limits the negative effects of a fatty diet and smoking. It increases fat metabolism and helps burn more calories, without increasing the heart rate or feelings of anxiety.

– Not a miracle pill but helps with weight loss, increases fat burn and metabolism
– Support heart health, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
– Supports immune health and overall well-being
– Decreases Blood Sugar Levels.
– Slows Aging

WARNING: Not All Green Tea Extract Is The Same!
This premium formulation is well tested, high purity, with the optimal dosage. There are NO fillers.

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

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Solstic Energy-safe energy organic

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