Epidote 40mm Sphere Reiki Crystal Healing Chakra Balance Increase Anything Touch

Stop Panic Attacks
How to Stop Panic Attacks Fast when you are having a Panic Attack?



Epidote Sphere

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Epidote- is a stone of increase. Epidote has a tendency to increase anything it touches, whether the thing it touches is energy or a material object. It is a stone that enhances emotional and spiritual growth. It cleanses repressed emotions once and for all. It opens the way for those who have denied spiritual growth, and those drawn to epidote are being rocked forcefully into spiritual awakening. Epidote also clears the emotional body aura. It stimulates perception, participation and interaction as well as personal power. It also dispels critcalness and closedmindedness. Epidote is also said to promote patience. In the physical realm, it is used to stimulate the immune system, aid digestion, support all healing, and stop panic attacks. You will receive the sphere stone shown in the pictures.

Measures: 1.56″ (40mm)

Contain: Natural Marks, inclusions and crater spaces. All natural and very delicate stone

Included: Travel Pouch Bag & Plastic Ring Base

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How to Stop Panic Attacks Fast when you are having a Panic Attack?

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