End Anxiety Attacks Self Hypnosis CD, Overcome Panic & Fear Guided Meditation CD

Panic Attack Relief
Anxiety Disorder – Panic Attacks – Free Hypnosis CD



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Anxiety Disorder - Panic Attacks - Free Hypnosis CD

This Self Hypnosis/Guided Meditation CD is designed to give you new stress management coping skills at the conscious and subconscious levels. The old patterns of fear and panic turn into breathing easy, transcending anxious thoughts, relaxation and more. IT REALLY WORKS! Our Best Selling CD! Thousands have sold around the world! Christopher Love CDs are very Powerful Transformational tools for you to heal and transcend the past, empower your present moment, expanding your intellect and your imagination, and to help you hold the vision of what you want in the future from life, to help you grow and evolve as a person. All CDs also include a combination of Alpha and Theta Brainwave technology for a deep and relaxed Mind/Body experience. Each CD, professionally manufactured, includes beautiful full color graphics imprinted on top of the CD and are shipped in a slimline jewel case without a paper insert and without shrink-wrap.


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