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The New Ayurvedic Recovery & Fitness Formula from Earth Warrior X

Herbs are proven to have strong restorative biological effects with health boosting actions, without the dangerous side effects of steroids. They improve the optimal functionality of the body, balancing biological hormones, secretions, and enzymes. Herbs have been used extensively by ancient athletes and warriors alike to boost their performance, enhance strength and endurance and improve mental focus and concentration.

Who can benefit from this formula?

Anyone looking to improve general fitness, enhance sports performance, build strength, increase endurance and improve muscle tone. Any one suffering from injuries, lack of stamina, or repetitive injuries due to sports or active lifestyle.

Anyone who is under too much stress or worry. Individuals suffering from excessive stress or anxiety can benefit from the anti-anxiety and calming effects of the Earth Warrior X – Ei8ht proprietary blend. This blend possesses herbs that boost the body’s immune system, in turn causing a positive calming and relaxing restorative effect on the nervous system. This benefits those who suffer from excessive stress and strain, or lack of sleep.

Anyone looking to boost his/her immunity and energy level. Anyone looking to boost his/her libido and improve sexual function.

Earth Warrior X – Ei8ht Formula & Ingredients:

1) Ashwagandha “the Indian Ginseng”
2) Shilajit “conqueror of mountains and destroyer of all weakness”
3) Guduchi “one which protects the body”
4) Amalaki – “sustainer” or “the nurse”
5) Cordyceps – “elixir of life”

Avoid taking Earth Warrior X – Ei8ht if you have the following conditions:

Avoid during pregnancy unless guided by qualified herbalist or physician.
May enhance or increase the effects of barbiturates (diazepam)
Not to be taken with sedatives or anxioletics (anxiety reducing medications)

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