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MaxxiCalm Calming Aid For Dogs

Helps You And Your Dog To Relax In Stressful Situations

We dog owners suffer when our dogs suffer. Situations that our dogs find stressful are also stressful for us. We feel helpless when our dogs are scared and behavioral problems can be traumatic for us.

Quality canine calming aid can help nervous dogs to relax during situations they normally find stressful, e.g. when left home alone, during fireworks and thunderstorms, or when traveling.

Calming aid is not a cure but it can help you and your dog to manage situations you both find distressing. For best results, you should always use calming aids together with behavior training.

MaxxiCalm comes with a FREE Guide containing practical tips that assist you to get results faster.

How MaxxiCalm Works

MaxxiCalm is made in the USA in GMP and NASC certified manufacturing facility and contains premium quality natural ingredients:

– Taurine inhibits the release of adrenaline and has positive effect on dopamine levels
– Inositol is effective in treating panic disorder and depression
– Chamomile reliefs anxiety and stomach upset
– Passion Flower reduces symptoms of anxiety
– L-Theanine naturally calms and focuses the brain
– Thiamine affects the central nervous system and helps soothe anxious dogs
– Magnesium lowers muscle tension and helps maintain healthy nerve transmission

MaxxiCalm non-coated pills are easy to break in half or crush into powder for easier administration.

MaxxiDog’s 100% Money Back Risk Free Guarantee allows you to try MaxxiCalm RISK FREE. Just contact us through Amazon if you are not happy with the results and we will fully refund you.

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