Brain Detoxification and Purification – Brain Cleaner – Purify and Cleanse the Over Acidification of the Brain Accumulated Toxins, Restore Balance and Communication to the Nervous System. Brain Cleanser, Brain detox, Brain Purifier, Brain Power, Brain Health

Panic Attacks Herbal



Brain Cleaner is 100% all natural, safe and effective detoxification and purification herbs used historically to restore balance and communication in the brain; removes chemical substances, environmental toxins, excess protein build-up, metabolic debris, residues of substance abuse and free radicals. This formulation has been used to support proper function of the brain chemistry and protect the integrity of the nervous system against any conditions arising from mental stress or related to parasites or fungi. Traditional Uses and Benefits: * Stimulate immune system response * Eliminates dangerous toxins in the bloodstream * Improves behavior patterns and emotion function * Regenerating and repairing damaged nerve cells * Stimulates glandular secretions in the pituitary * Promote sleep and restfulness * Promotes deep cleaning in the brain and spinal cord * Reduces mental stress and prevent mental fatigue * Neutralize free radicals and neurotoxins * Promotes communication between nerves * Promotes proper function of the organs * Boosting circulation in the brain, glucose and oxygen * Reduces the heart beat rate and strengthens the capillary walls * Relieves irritability, anxiety or fainting * Improves muscle coordination * Relieves nervousness, panic attacks, headache and dizziness * Reduces abnormal brain cell production * Reduces fear, tension and agitation * Eliminates brain fog and mental sluggishness * Improves energy, mental clarity and mood * Antiviral, Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Antibacterial, Antipyretic, Anti-inflammatory and Antitoxin. *** It’s highly recommended that Oxygen pH be used in conjunction with this product to improve proper care and healing

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