Attacking Anxiety & Depression Self Help Program

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Attacking anxiety and depression Vid #1



Ever wonder how you know you are, or at least will be successful in real estate, or any business for that matter? The answer is, as soon as you are truly comfortable with SW SW SW.

Attacking anxiety and depression Vid #1

Here are some excerpts from doctors and medical professionals about the program:

The ATTACKING ANXIETY & DEPRESSION tapes provide a path that is clear, comprehensive and user friendly. The program is a powerfully helpful resource.
It used to take months for psychology clients to reach the level of recovery that they now achieve in 15-weeks with The Midwest Center Program, ATTACKING ANXIETY & DEPRESSION.

What follows are the names of each of the 16 cassettes within the program.

1. Anxiety & Depression: Symptoms, Causes And Common Fears
2. Six Steps That Will Put An End To Panic Attacks
3. Self Talk: The Key To Healthy Self Esteem
4. Expectations: How To Expect Less And Get More
5. Eat And Exercise To Rid Yourself Of Anxiety & Depression
6. Stop Being Angry & Control Your Mood Swings
7. Assertive Behavior: Speak Confidently & Gain Respect
8. Put An End To “What If” Thinking
9. Get Off The Guilt & Worry Treadmill
10. How To Stop Obsessive Scary Thoughts
11. Anxiety & Depression: The Truth About Medication And Alcohol
12. The Courage To Change
13. Time Management: 12 Steps Toward A Balanced Life
14. How To Keep Stress From Becoming Anxiety
15. Getting Beyond A Growth Spurt
16. I Will Be There for You

There is also a Relaxation Session Tape that accompanies the Program.

Lucinda Bassett is a former agoraphobic who founded the Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety in 1984. She is the creator of “Attacking Anxiety and Depression”, which is a 15-week home study course about recovery from anxiety disorders such as agoraphobia and panic attacks.

The program is a 15-week workshop for recovery from anxiety disorder and clinical depression, which often co-exist within the sufferer. Participants use the program by purchasing an audio version, The program advocates a stop-the-thought method, as opposed to medications or psychologists or psychiatrists as a means of recovery.


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