Anxiety: Your Biblical Guide to Kill This Giant (How To Kill Your Giants ~ One at a Time Book 2)

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Anxiety or Peace – it’s your choice!

ANXIETY! Even when I’m really tired, I can’t rest. Forget about sleep. Just put me inside a blender, dump in all the ‘what ifs,’ turn on the power of doubt and watch everything tumble and churn.

If this sounds like you, this book is a must!


…detaches you from the present while you worry about the future

…disengages you from your belief that things will work out

…disrupts you from normal routines (while trying to fix things that are out of your control)

…distracts you from the responsibilities of the day

…distresses your spirit

The Giant of Anxiety enables you to demolish this influence that robs you of the life you were meant to have.

Anxiety and Depression go hand in hand and was the reason the first book in this series covered ways to Kill the Giant of Depression. This volume will help you defeat

The Giant of Anxiety with God’s help.

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