Anxiety & Panic Attacks: A 3-Step Program To Reclaim Your Life

Panic Attack Programs
Anxiety: Hibernate, Adapt, or Migrate: Summer Beretsky at TEDxWilliamsport



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Anxiety: Hibernate, Adapt, or Migrate: Summer Beretsky at TEDxWilliamsport

The 3 steps to reclaim your life from anxiety and panic attacks are simple changes that can be easily incorporated into your daily life. I will explain each step in detail and you will have a full understanding of them after reading this book. I know you are looking for answers and have probably hit a lot of dead ends by now. See if this sounds familiar:

“Every time I went to the doctor, they said there was nothing wrong. I mean, if there wasn’t something seriously wrong with me, then why did I always feel so bad? Why did I have constant anxiety, panic attacks, migraine headaches and shortness of breath? Why did I feel like I couldn’t get enough air? Like the airway passages in my nose and throat were slowly getting smaller? Why were my focus and memory so much worse than they used to be? Why did I feel disconnected from the world in every way? Like a common stiff going through the motions but never really connecting with anyone or anything around me? Why were my sense of smell and sight so poor? I remember always having a really good sense of intuition and gut instinct when I was younger. I had great reflexes the ability to learn new skills with ease. This all seemed to be gone. I could no longer read people and connect with them the way I used to. I used to have an almost 6th sense when dealing with people and situations. Now I felt uncomfortable in social situations and could rarely think of anything to say. I felt like I was putting on an act when dealing with people. But this isn’t like me. I always made friends easily. Why couldn’t I have normal relationships with people? Why was I so different? Is this a normal thing with age? Does everyone go through this? Where did all my energy go? Where did all my standards, hopes and dreams go? ………Where did I go?”

I will say that after 4 years of this program, my confidence levels have soared and self-conscious feelings have disappeared. All anxiety, panic attacks, headaches, earaches, tinnitus, heartburn, and indigestion have all become a thing of the past. My eyesight, hearing and sense of smell have all returned to normal. The quality of my sleeping has improved drastically and I no longer snore. My relationships with people are back to normal and I feel at ease in public again. Panic and fear eventually left me and I truly feel like my old self again.

If you too are tired of being told “we can’t find anything wrong with you”, then it’s time you take matters into your own hands, as I did. There is a way back, but it’s up to you to take the first step. Join me in reading this book and I will guide you every step of the way. It is a wonderful journey back and great things are in store for you when you reclaim your life! Visit for the latest updates and articles!

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