Anxiety: Coping WIth Someone Who Has Anxiety (Anxious Spouse, Friend or Family Member Book 1)

Anxiety Help
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This book contains wisdom for coping with a spouse, family member or friend who has anxiety. When someone you know has anxiety issues there are certain things that you must be aware of in order to be able to deal with the situation. Those certain things are revealed in great detail in this Kindle book.

A Message From The Author, Lindsy Help:

I have a close friend who suffers from anxiety from time to time. In the following pages, I will share with you some very important information on how to deal with the mood swings that close friends, family members or spouses may encounter while interacting with someone who battles with anxiety.

Of all the things I am going to share in this book, the most important is what I will reveal now:

Don’t lose yourself by getting overly focused on the moods and actions of the person you love and care about who is battling anxiety issues. You must not get so intertwined with the other person that your life revolves around everything he or she does.

When You Finish This Kindle Book About Anxiety You Will Understand…

  • How to stop obsessing over the behaviors of your anxious spouse, friend or family member.
  • New ways of communicating that will benefit you both
  • Why anxiety builds and how you can cope with the the increasing fears
  • How to cope with things when the person with anxiety wants to change plans
  • Methods of letting go of your spouse, friend or family member
  • Why you sould respect the anxious persons need for structure
  • and much, much more…

Tips On Dealing With Someone Who Has Anxiety From The Kindle Book

Letting go of an anxious person…

It’s vitally important that you accept the fact that being with someone who suffers from anxiety issues is sometimes going to be one-sided. Throughout this book, you are going to be encouraged to have a non-judgmental attitude and to give the anxious person the benefit of the doubt most of the time…

This is not to say that you don’t have any rights in your relationship and that everything should always go the way your friend or relative wants things to go. I’m just saying that more often than not, you will have more peace in your life if you respect your friend or partner’s need to take care of themself as to avoid feeling over-anxious.

The best course of action to take is to not hold on to things too tightly. Learning how to let go of things is one of the most important principles to master when coping with someone who suffers from anxiety. Learning how to let go of many things in life (not just issues surrounding the person suffering with anxiety) will help you to have a much happier life, period. In this chapter, I will reveal some great ways of letting go of things in life.

Ideas on how to stop obsessing over the anxious persons behaviors…

1. When you feel yourself starting to obsess over the anxious person’s behavior, tell yourself, mentally, “STOP.”

2. When your mind tries to wander into obsession-land, focus on the task that you are doing together or make a deliberate attempt to move your mind away from obsessing over the person’s behaviors.

3. I often excuse myself for a moment or two when I feel that I am obsessing over someone’s behavior. I’ve been known to actually go into a bathroom, fall on my knees and start praying, asking God to help me stop obsessing.

4. When you are alone and your mind starts to lock on to the anxious person’s life, take time to write in a journal. This is a wonderful way to identify your emotions and to be able to see a clearer picture of the things that are bothering you.

As you can see, the author, Lindsy Help really understands your situation. She offers life-changing insight on how to cope with someone suffering with anxiety in her Kindle book, “Anxiety: Coping With Someone Who Has a Problem With Anxiety.”

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