Anxiety: BOX SET (Anxiety & Phobias, Anxiety Relief, Anxiety Management, Self Help)

Anxiety Help
My crisis box: anxiety/depression/self harm distractions.



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Book One: Anxiety Relief, Now

This book will help you see anxiety from various perspectives. You’ll gain a more meaningful comprehension of the concept in relation to parent-child relationships, academics, career, and several personal problems.

It’s easy to just choose to give up and let anxiety rule your life, but there are simply too many reasons to not do so. You have to fill your mind with all the positivity you can absorb and develop. As you flip through the pages, you’ll see just how wide-encompassing anxiety is and how it should be dealt with on different levels. Relaxation techniques will be introduced to aid those who are seeking methods with more physical movements.

A life with anxiety is an unfulfilling and limited one. If one continues to settle for less and just runs away whenever help is being offered, the right changes won’t occur. This book takes one step further from other literature on anxiety because it’s not only focused on the individual reading it, but also on those around him. You’ll be better equipped to lead your children and family. You’ll gain the power to guide your loved ones out of the pits of despair and into the light of hope.

For so long, anxiety has been regarded as a single problem with generalized solutions or cures. However, recent findings show that there can be specific solutions to address particular challenges stemming from anxiety. Every case can be unique, especially due to the individuality of each person. This is why this book is the right choice for you. Not only will you learn more about the various steps to ensure anxiety relief, but you’ll also be exposed to numerous markers that can help shed light on what constitutes anxiety in this modern age.

The power is now in the palm of your hand. When you read this book, you’ll instantly be immersed in a wealth of information regarding anxiety. You can now say goodbye to negativity, depression, stress, and fears because mighty tools are being placed on your hands right now. You’ll be equipped to deal with anxiety no matter the difficulty. You’ll be empowered by the secrets this book contains.

Book Two: Anxiety Management

A better understanding of anxiety is necessary in order to have a higher chance of defeating it. It’s been keeping you from having a great life and wonderful relationships. It may have even ruined many of your long-term plans. You are afraid, uncertain, and you feel quite helpless. Do not worry because with the help of this book, you’ll be able to do away with an anxiety-filled existence and begin living the life you deserve.

All you need is the right set of ideas and strategies. You’ll find what you need in this book. The thoughts presented here will help change the way you see anxiety. You’ll no longer regard it as a constant companion or an inescapable pit. Rather, you’ll see it as an adversary that will soon be defeated. The process of managing anxiety is not as complicated as you may think. All it takes is a strong will and a well-stocked mind. Use the knowledge you’ll gain from this book to become an anxiety-free adventurer in your journey towards a successful life.

Unless an individual perceives and conceives of his position of leadership, as being based primarily on helping and serving others, he will never truly lead in any sort of meaningful or impactful manner. True leaders must never view their position in a self – serving manner, but rather must introspectively examine their reasons and motivations for wanting to lead. In fact, until and unless someone bases his priorities on the needs of his constituents and all stakeholders (or potential ones), he will never perform as a great leader must.

My crisis box: anxiety/depression/self harm distractions.


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