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ACM LABORATOIRE VITIX ANTIOXIDANT FOOD SUPPLEMENT X30 Indications Antiradical effect. Recent works have shown a link between stress, anxiety, and intracellular oxidative stress. Antioxidants taken orally may play a significant role by limiting oxidative damage on skin lipids and proteins caused by free radicals. PropertiesThe positive effects of taking the melon plant extract Extramel ® on the symptoms of stress and fatigue during 28 days have been demonstrated in a study. Vitix tablets is an original formula combining a patented vegetable extract with a strong antioxidant activity as well as vitamins and oligo-elements. Directions for use 1 tablet per day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of young children. Taking Vitix tablets should not replace a balanced diet. Active ingredients Vegetable active ingredient, Copper, Zinc, Selenium, vitamins: C, E, B9, B12. References Extramel: SOD from melon juice concentrate preliminary results of a clinical trial on perceived stress and tiredness,MA.MILESI, D.LACAN, H.BROSSE, Bionov, France Effect of a SOD-containing melon extract on the increase of plasma SOD activity and the prevention of oxidative stress linked to weaning in piglets, JP. LALLES, JC.DAVID, MA.MILESI, D.LACAN, C.YARD, Bionov, France

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